Historical Artist Frank Thomas paints the Old West in a very big way. For more than thirty years now, he has sketched and colorfully painted many subjects up to mural size in his studio. His art is purely narrative ... it paints a story set in human drama.

"As a realistic artist I am devoted to recreating dramatically, authentically the truth of historical events.  My undeniable leanings toward artistic realism were realized through the experience of serving the United States Army as a combat artist in the Vietnam War and in Operation Desert Storm.   I wish to leave as a legacy my portrayal of human events frozen in time."sig1

LDS Religious Artist Frank Thomas was an official U.S. Army Combat Artist in Vietnam (1967) and one of only two official Army artists sent to the Persian Gulf to paint Operation Desert Storm (1991).   His military paintings and art prints of the U.S. Army in battle are thrilling and dramatic, resulting from his combat experiences both as a field artillery officer and as an artist. They give a vision of action as seen through the eyes of a combat artist, and are found in the U.S. Army Center of Military History, Washington, D.C.   His Civil War and Old West "Horse Soldier" paintings and art prints reveal an artist who rides, owns and knows the horse.   Frank Thomas' art studio web site also offers his religious canvas paintings and art prints placed in LDS Temples and Church buildings.   His paintings thus exhibited are a "high-water mark" to which many LDS artists aspire.

How To Order

                    All orders are handled over the phone by calling Frank directly at 435-406-9526.

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